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Vocano-Jet A3 uv flatbed phone case printer


Focus Vocano Jet A3 uv flatbed phone case printer is specially designed for customers who want to get a industrial printing speed and commercial printing result, and for customers who want to get a vivid color result and high density of white ink printing. Also this digital UV flatbed printing machine for metal cans was built with industrial level configuration as Linear rail for both X carriage and Y flatbed motion. Dual Servo motor go with the Ball screw to let the motion with high precision. 
Also the one pass printing model (Print white ink and color ink at the same time) and high carriage printing frequency up to 18000K can save time as well as improve the printing speed for customers with this stable printing effect new products digital low cost UV flatbed printer digital cd dvd printing machine.
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Focus Vocano-Jet A3 uv flated phone case printer
Print Method
phone cover card led digital flatbed uv inkjet printer a3 Eightcolor On-demand inkjet (micro piezo print technology, intelligence drops transformation technology)
Print head
1390 MicroPiezo print head
Printer resolution
Print speed (Two heads)
80seconds / Full 27*55cm size
Max. media thickness
Print direction
Unidirection / Bidirection
Ink cartridge type
Split type
Minimum ink drop size
Ink cosume
15-20ml/squre meter
Ink supply system
Ink configuration scheme
6 Color CMYK+WW
Max printable area
A3 330 *500mm
Max adjustable height
Max object thickness
Printing gap
Height adjust
Printing resolution
720*360dpi /    720*540dpi/    720*720dpi/    720*1080dpi    720*1440dpi /    720*2160dpi/    720*2880dpi   720*2880dpi
400 Mbp
Support Ink type
LED-UV Curing ink /soft uv ink/ flexible ink
Color management
ICC Curve &Default ICM
Rip software
FocusRIP-8.2.6 / Photoprint servo
Printhead Protection
Intelligent Self Protect System
100-120V/200-240V 50-60HZ (Special requirements can be customized)
Printing Interface
Operation System
WindowsXP/32bit, WIN7/32bit
WindowsXP/64bit, WIN7/64bit
Working Environment
50%humidity, 21-29Degree, Clean room, low dust, less sunlight
Printer Size
Shipping Size
Printer N.Weight/G.Weight
Rotary Pallet 

Vocano Jet rotary pallet belongs to Focus-Add-Onfamily custom choosing pallet, it's special design for this A3 size UV printer. 

Can print the Max.12cm diameter bottles, easy operation even for green hand. 

Focus unique ANSR-PTs system

Name: ANSR-PT system


As we all know, the print head is the CPU of the printer, focus unique ANSR-PTS system can protect the print head without scratch during printing, also it can detect the printing media intelligence.

1390 MicroPiezo print head

Name: Print head

Original: Japan

The focus phone cover card led digital iphone skin printer pen uv inkjet printer refit the original EP 1390 printer with 1390 MicroPiezo print head, greatly save cost, and adhering to the high precision, high speed function

Strong machanical  keel making

Name: Aluminium profile

Specfication: 50*50cm

All materials about our UV phone cover card led digital mobile printer is Aluminum. And you can see whole Alumium without srew. Cause we use F a m o u s e Brand Technology to open moulding for it. 

Firmed and Thicken flatbed.
It's also made by open moulding with Famouse Brand mechanical laser engraving Technology.

Friendly Electronic protection system

Technology: Dust free & Magnetic resistant

All motor in phone cover card led digital iphone skin printer pen uv inkjet printer are serve motor. It's very important for keeping frquency about the printer. Then you can get the best printing effect.

Super mechanical making

Technology:  Laser engraving
Firmed and 0.35mm thickness plate. 
Each printer must go through shaking test before packing. And all of them will shake for 24-48hours. We want to make sure about the quality of each printer. This is our responsibility for each customers.


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