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Nebula-Jet DTG printer for t-shirt

I'm Focus Digital Nebula-Jet DTG printer for t-shirt. Let me introduce myself for you. For my printing size, it's 40*50cm. You can print different size with our 3 sizes t-shirt printing pallet. What's more? I install white ink circulation system to make white ink go through easy and smooth. Beside, you can print Millions of species color with these basic colors.

To start your colorful printing business with me.

To keep the warmest smile face with me.

To develop your own printing castle with me.

Yes, it's me. Focus Digital Nebula-Jet t-shirt printing machine:)

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                             Focus A2+  Nebula-Jet DTG printer for t-shirt
Printing size 500mm*600mm
Printhead Piezo Inkjet 1440 Nozzles technology
Print Color 8 Color: C,M,Y.K.LK.LLK.LC.LM / White ink model: C,M,Y,K+W,W,W,W
Printing Direction Bi-Direction / Unidirection
Printing Speed 1440DPI model: A3 size/64-120s
 Control pannel Touch pannel / LCD
Max. height of object 25mm
Max. Printing resolution 2880DPI*1440DPI
Ink Tank Volume 150ML
Printing Ink Eco solvent ink / Textile ink / CTS ink / Edible ink / Discharge ink
Height Adjust Automatic/Manual Adjust
Printing Object Height Examine Automatic Detecting
Printhead Protection Intelligent Self Protect System
Power 110-220V 50-60HZ 75W
Printing Interface USB2.0/LTP
Operation System Windows95,98,NT,2000,XP,MAC
Working Environment 10-35 C,20-80 RH
Max.printing weight 50KG
Printer Size 1240X750X510mm
Shipping Size 1280X800X660mm
Printer N.Weight/G.Weight 98KG/120KG
1. Best quality printer Nebula-Jet DTG printer for t-shirt for sale is based on multi functional using and save the operation room for users. Yellow and green color frame can be choosed.

2. The Focus Family pallet family can allow you print with different size garment such as small baby shirt, middle size shirt and large polo shirt.

Best quality printer Nebula-Jet DTG printer for t-shirt

3. The t shirt printing machines for sale was built with 400*500mm super printing size. so you can print on large size tshirt garment and other accessories such as Scarf, Pants and sleeve...

Best quality printer Nebula-Jet DTG printer for t-shirt

4. Dual individual ink cap station can prevent the white ink and color ink mixing to cause the print head clog.

Best quality printer Nebula-Jet DTG printer for t-shirt

5. Closed ink supply system go with filter revolute the traditional ink cartriges or CISS system to prevent the white ink settling and head clog as the air bubble inside the print head and ink tube.

Best quality printer Nebula-Jet DTG printer for t-shirt

6. Backside maintain window design to let you do any maintain and repair job easier.

7. Install with non-chips-reset system let you get out of the headache for reset the ink chips and buy original ink cartrige and you can load any ink you want.

8. Configured with top industrial machanical and electronic system such as servo moto, ball guide rail to ensure the high repeat printing precision and reliable printing.

Best quality printer Nebula-Jet DTG printer for t-shirt

9. 2880*1440dpi max. printing resolution can let you print on any material with best printing quality

10. 5-20pl different ink droplet variable data printing technology can print out your job with different grayscale and good density.

11.Support various kinds of ink, can print with direct to garment ink on garments to used as direct to garment printer, DTG printer and t-shirt printer, print with eco solvent ink on hard rigid media as glass, metal, wood... to used as digital flatbed printer direct to substrate printer,  print with edible ink on the food, cake, print with cts ink on the screen plate directly... really get the multi-functional printing.

12. 8 ink chanel individual setting option can let you load different kinds of ink to one print head. and each color channel can be set custom. This t-shirt printing machine can get good printing result.

Best quality printer Nebula-Jet DTG printer for t-shirt

13. Low cost of printing image, less procedures of production. It is only cost 1ml ink per A2+(40*50mm) size printing, 

14.The Intelligent Anti scratch printhead system, Recognize the flatbed by red ray sensor to ensures the life of printhead last longer which also reduces the cost of printing

15. Good color managment by FocusRIP to let you get a good halftone and color rapid result, can adjust the ink limit, white ink drop size,  white ink layer type, ink  dot type, ink chanel custom setting optional... 

16. Support white ink printing, you can print with white ink on the dark media by our FocusRIP easier


This is Focus Digital printer test &inpection report of this Nebula-Jet DTG printer for t-shirt  

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