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Focus Industrial t-shirt inkjet printer

Focus Polar-Jet is a newest created Industrial DTG direct to digital apparel printer.  It was built under newest SureColor printing technology, 360nozzle per line, total 3600 nozzle, variable ink droplet technology to get a grayscale printing result, Air negotive pressure system go with individual keep wet cap station to anti head clog.  Match with Wasatch professional Color raster RIP to get a vivid printing result on light and dark underbase. Combine with Focus IPPS control system to get a reliable quality thanks to the top industrial configuration as French Scheider PLC controler, Touch screen,  Fuji film 750W AC servo motor, Dual ball screw and THK Linear rail. Compare with Original SureColor Tshirt printer, Focus Polar-Jet is faster, super printing size, industrial made and also costless. Polar-Jet is the first choice to lead you get the industrial DTG printing.

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Focus Polar-Jet Industrial dtg flatbed inkjet printer

Print head

Newest Advanced MicroPiezo Print Head                                                               

Variable Size Ink Droplet Technology — Smallest droplet size of 3.5 picoliters
Nozzle Configuration — 720 nozzles per color (x5) | Maximum Resolution — 2880 x 1440 dpi

Printing speed (40*55cm area)


200pcs shirt / Hour


160pcs shirt / Hour


100pcs shirt/ Hour


50pcs shirt/ Hour

Color channel setting

Optional choose

Color management

ICC curve

Max. Printing size


Pallet size

520*500mm standard shirt pallet*2pcs

Printing Direction

Uidirection / Bidirection

Ink dot jet frequency

1Hz-2000Hz optional

Carriage drive type

DC servo motor

Table drive type

AC servo motor

Guide type

Linear rail

Ink dot type

1bits, 2bits, dark, halfton, real time

Fire type type

Rand, fog, wave, 2D

Head maintainance type

Wet-cap system /  Auto flash system

 Control type

Computer Intelligent & PLC controller

Printing resolution

720*360dpi /    720*540dpi/    720*720dpi/    720*1080dpi                                                                           

 720*1440dpi /    720*2160dpi/    720*2880dopi

Color Ink Tank Volume

700ml cartridge * 4pcs

White ink tank volume

700ml Cartridge supply

Ink type

DTG ink/   sublimation ink/   reactive ink/   discharge ink/   eco solvent ink/   CTS ink.

Ink process

Filter system+white ink shaking system+white ink circulation system

Printhead Protection

Intelligent Self Protect System


110-220V 50-60HZ 250W

Printing Interface

USB2.0/ USB3.0

Operation System

Win2000/ WinXP/.Win7 / Win8 

Working Environment

50%humidity,  21-29

Printer Size


Shipping Size


Printer N.Weight/G.Weight


1.  New revolutionary printing technology

Polar-jet digital apparel printer was built with newest Surecolor printing technology, Mounted with newest advanced piezzo TFP print head.  Variable size ink droplet technology, Smallest drop size 3.5piccolitters and max. 22pl to get a grayscale printing result,  720 nozzle per color X 5 color, total 3600 nozzle, Maximum printing resolution 2880*1440dpi.

2. New ink supply system to anti-clog of print head.
Configure with negotive air supply system to the damper and print head kit to solve out the head clog problem. Can get a obvious effective for white ink printing especially and high speed printing. The old version model with DX5 print head as R1900, 4880, 7880... all are suppy the ink to the print head by syphonage way, so the white ink will be easy to clog as longtime settling. But with the negotive pressure system, the ink inside the damper and print head will be absorbed by the negotive pressure to keep a certain ink level without change.  so it can  prevent the ink clog, ink dripping and ink Oblique jet effectively.
3. New designed keep wet cap station 
The new designed cap station divide each cap for each color line individual, Before printer all use one cap for all color or half color, so it will cause the ink get mixed inside the cap station during keep wet at night. so the color near white head will be easy to be clogged, so the new cap station is designed specially  for prevent the ink mixture and head clog. 

4. No chips reset require
Focus invented chips reset system let you forget the problems of  reset the ink cartridge chips, chips can not be detected... also 700ml big ink tank can reduce you job of refilling. 

5. TCP/IP Ethernet cable interface
Print  via TCP/IP Ethernet cable let the data processing faster than traditional  USB 2.0/3.0 way 

6. Supported by Wasatch professional Image raster RIP software
Wasatch SoftRIP helps users achieve superior color accuracy, high production speed, variable data customization, spot matching and cost savings with direct-to-garment inkjet printers, support ICC revise, ICC maker, Custom ink channel setting.  Printing to dark garments has never been easier! With Wasatch's new Auto-Generation features selected, white ink will automatically be printed as an underlay of your image. Use the Wasatch Tracer to create a mask around your image to easily eliminate any image data that you don't want printed. This is ideal for images with background colors that are not a solid fill. This will save on ink consumption and keep the "hand" of your printed shirt light. 

7. Intellective PLC control system 

Polar-jet digital apparel printer use the intellective French Scheider brand PLC controller to control all motion signal as forward/backward, online/offline to ensure the reliable working. 

8. French Schneider brand control panel 
The Scheider brand control panel make you opreate the machine easier and Humanity .

9. Mounted with Fuji 750W servo motor
The Fuji brand 750W  servo motor was mounted at Polar-jet for drive the flatbed/ pallet backward/forward motion. Strong powerful and the open loop design make sure the flatbed motion with high precision.

10.  Automatic media thickness adjustment
Polar-jet digital apparel printer support maximum 80cm media thickness, just input the media thickness number to the control panel.

11. Duall ball screw & linear rail for Z axis motion
Ball screw and linear rail were mounted at both side of the flatbed to guide the top printer move at Z axis with high precision, ensure the printing table water level at any positon to get a equal printing quality. 

12. Dual ball screw and linear rial for Y axis motion
Printing table motion precision will effect the printing result directly, especially for print on dark underbase, as the rough motion precision will cause the printing image overlap. Polar-jet mounted with the Japan NSK brand ball screw combine with THk brand rail at both side for a high motion precision with error less than 0.05mm repeatedly.

13. Easy-changing pallet
Polar-jet digital apparel printer support dual T-shirt printing pallet with size 40cm*55cm for each and big pallet with maximum printing size.

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